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Anne Dawson ~ Quilt Restoration

The time has come for me to retire from restoration work and concentrate
on other aspects of my business. I have worked on many special quilts over the years
and it has been a difficult decision. I am still available for consultations/evaluations
(no values given) at $35.00 per quilt. Please contact me for more information.
Thank you,

Anne Dawson has been an avid quiltmaker for over thirty-five years. Her introduction to quilting came as a result of a high school history project when she chose to make a quilt to accompany her paper, “Quilting in Early America.” Boy, has she learned a lot since then!

After receiving her B.A. from San Francisco Sate University in 1977, Anne worked in a variety of jobs: ceramic tile sales representative, special education instructional aide, and stints in numerous fabric/quilt shops. Along the way she attended many workshops in quilt history, fabric dating, and restoration.

Since opening her own studio in 1999, quilting has become Anne’s full-time profession. Her work includes consulting with individuals as well as organizations, teaching, and commission work. Most often, though, she works with families to restore and preserve their heirloom quilts.

Clients entrust Anne with their family treasures; some are literally coming apart at the seams. Her job is to put them back together in a form the next generation will cherish and want to keep.

“I’ve worked on many quilts that were meaningful to their owners, from the only piece of material culture remaining from a family member, to creating memorial quilts made from a loved one’s T-shirts.”

~ Anne Dawson

View restoration photos in the Quilt Gallery. Click on View Anne's Quilts.

Please contact Anne at (360) 468- 4677 or with your questions. She is happy to discuss options for any quilt in need of tender loving care.

"The restored quilt arrived safely today and we are amazed at the wonderful transformation you created. It is so beautiful; we thank you for restoring our family heirloom to such beautiful condition."

~ Karen M.