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Add-A-Quarter Plus Ruler 12"

Use this handy ruler to add 1/4" seam allowances to your patchwork patches as you cut them.

Print or draw your finished size template onto CutRite Heavy Duty Freezer Paper.
Cut out the template and iron onto your fabric.
Position the Add-a-Quarter ruler by sliding the quarter inch raised lip up to the template edge.
The lip will catch the edge of the freezer paper and "Add-a-Quarter" inch seam allowance.
Cut along the edge of the ruler with a rotary cutter.
Re-position the ruler to "Add-a-Quarter"  and continue cutting out the patch.

The ruler also includes excellent instructions for its use in paper foundation piecing.
Use the tapered edge for folding back foundations and the 1/4" lip for adding and cutting seam allowances.
Woks on any straight angle.

A very useful tool!