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Lost Star Quilt Pattern

The Lost Star pattern includes 98 pages of instruction plus paper templates in two sizes.

  • Step by step recreate this special quilt in your favorite fabric style.
  • Sew by hand, machine or a combination of both.
  • Learn a variety of techniques to make your own reusable templates. 

Pay homage to the anonymous quilt-maker by reinterpreting this unique quilt and making it your own.

  Surprisingly this quilt is NOT foundation paper pieced or English Paper Pieced.  The pattern is template based. Hand or machine piecing work equally well. Each patch is individually cut, then sewing lines are marked. Next pin along the line and sew on the marked line. Once you get the hang of the system - which is not difficult - you will make parts, join parts into sections, sections into wedges  and then sew the wedges together to create the starburst. You set the starburst aside and create the borders as a separate "quilt top" and to finish you applique the starburst to the borders. 

  • Mark the line
  • Pin the line
  • Stitch the line
  • One patch, one section at a time.

This quilt is all about fabric selection and fussy cutting - the fun part!